Project Management

Project Management

Ranging from an early stage to the finishing stage - project planning, feasibility study, building marketing strategy,
financing, construction, and operation & maintenance, we will help you succeed in all stages of construction project
by leveraging our diverse experiences with advanced technology.

Throughout the project, we provide a total service that includes feasibility study, building marketing strategy and financing, as well as existed CM services focused
on technical issues. With us, clients could achieve the ultimate goals.

Our best service leads you to success in construction business.

Our PM service will ensure you a successful construction project by preparing a master project plan and detailed action plans for various stages of the project to achieve
client’s goal - project arrangement including financing, design and engineering, installation and operation for various facility types, as well as business operation and

Key Risk Factors in Construction Business

· Complicated procedures such as design, acquiring government license and approval.
· Less profit than expected due to incorrect business feasibility review.
· Fail in retrieving investment amount due to low sold-out rate.
· Delayed progress due to change in government related processes.
· Increased construction cost due to changes in design and contract.
· Fund shortage due to time difference between the interim payment and the proportional payment to completion rate.
· Difficulty in financial operation due to unfair, nonobjective budgeting.

What PM will bring?

· PM predicts possible risk factors to minimize the loss and suggests solutions to problems as they take place.
· PM enables the client to lead the project operation and perform efficient construction project management to maximize the profit.
· Shareholders' (financial firms or contractors) awareness of PM increases the client’s credit and thus enables completion of the project in a favorable relationship.

Business Target



    Individual Housing, Condominium, Apartment,
    Multi-use Buildings, Luxury Town Houses.



    Small-scale Commercial Building, Shopping Mall,
    Large-scale Shopping Mall, Department Store.



    Office, Efficiency Studio, Research Institute.



    Resort, Golf Course, Hotel.


    Culture & Education

    Movie Theater, Performance Hall, School, Dormitory.



    Clinic Center, Hospital, Silver Town.


    Mixed Use

    MUD(Mixed Use Development),
    UEC(Urban Entertainment Center).



    Apartment Rebuilding, Urban Renovation,
    Old Market Reconstruction.



    Residential Facility, Office, Commercial Building.