Construction Management

CM, for the benefit of its client, deploys professionals in every technical field such as project planning, design, procurement, construction, maintenance, etc. and acts as
an agency or a mediator entrusted with authorities to perform integrated management of the project. CM is a service that completes quality deliverables with
a given budget and time and transfers them to the client by maximizing the profit using professional management skill in all areas of a project.

Essentials of CM

  • Unique Technology

    · Optimize resource elements such as material, equipment, and engineering methods.
    · Enhance efficiency of construction projects.

  • Management Skill

    · Optimize overall management elements such as planning, operations and control.
    · Enhance effectiveness of construction projects.

Expected Benefits of CM

  • Maximized profit

    Maximizes profit by integrated management
    of design, construction and sale.

  • Reduced construction cost

    Economical, cost effective design and construction
    reduces construction costs.

  • Shortened construction period

    Efficient design & management with scientific
    progress management shortens the construction
    period and cost.

  • Enhanced quality

    Consistent management from designing to
    completion enhances reliability of the quality.

  • Procurement management

    Systematic tender processing and contract
    management protects client’s interest and benefit.

  • Enhanced trust from customer

    Systematic, consistent project management ensures
    trust from clients.

Why HanPCM?

Guarantees you a successful construction project

From a client’s point of view, he can entrust group with the entire stages of a project such as planning, design, construction, and maintenance.
The expert group acts as an agent or a mediator to deliver a quality project within a given budget and time. HanPCM leads your construction project to success with its
confidence and passion towards project execution.

You can count on us

HanPCM will help clients attain the goal by coordinating with associated parties such as design firms and construction companies, and construction supervisors.
All the managers and employees of HanPCM stake their professional reputation and pride on their job placing transparency and fairness at the highest priority,
not forgetting the trust from our clients.

Win-Win Strategy is our policy

HanPCM performs construction project management based on a win-win strategy that minimizes risk factors in construction cost, time schedule, and enhances quality to
give maximum satisfaction to participants of the project as well as the client, and thus give benefits to all shareholders of the project.

Comparing CM with Supervision

Issues Construction Management Construction Supervision
Business & Features · CM company performs comprehensive management
for construction projects

· Management focusing on planning and process.

· Performs auxiliary jobs such as progress management, costing,
QA, and safety management, but its main job lies on quality

· Performs management focusing on monitoring and result.
Information flow is blocked between planning, designing and
construction stages.

Scope of Business · Integrated management of a project including construction
planning, designing, construction, and post-construction
· Supervises construction stage only.
Service Continuity · Provide continuous management of a project from pre-
construction stage, Construction stage, to post-construction
· Performs services only during the construction stage

· Requires time to identify jobs before construction starts.

Cost Management · Suggest a preliminary costing plan (budget).

· Predict factors contributing to construction cost increase and
suggest plans to reduce.

· Performs services focusing on quality.

· Difficulty in suggesting an alternative solutions and methods to
reduce construction costs.

Time Management · Build a master progress plan

· Suggest plans to minimize operating expenses and plans to
shorten construction period.

· Lays focus on keeping project schedule.

· Hard to suggest an alternative.

Contractor Selection · Take part in bidding process to identify companies and select
a construction contractor, and supervises construction
company during construction.
· Supervising a selected contractor without review of contractor’s
Construction Management · Build a master plan before construction starts.

· Suggest an alternative to legacy engineering method and ways
to improve construction technology.

· Take active, immediate action to urgent problems that might
occur during construction.

· Review the construction plan during the construction stage

· Focuses on results rather than engineering methods
or processes

· Short of reactivity to problems occurred in construction